Onward Inspires

Each gift we receive impacts students' success and the opportunities we can offer to our students. See how gifts have given responsibility, encouragement and opportunities for students to grow and achieve their dreams, and hear see why donors have chosen to give and what they gained with their USD education. 

I bleed Coyote red...From the first time I came on campus to the next time I go back on campus, it feels like home, and I don't know how to explain that...It's just a great place to be. As an alum, I feel like it's our job, it's our role to help people like people have helped us, to help put them in the best position possible." - Tyler Evans, Class of 2007

If people are thinking about contributing funds to make the University of South Dakota a great institution and continue on the road that it's going...there's no question that every nickel that they give...goes back into it. It's not like some places where you donate money, 80% of it goes to the guy who called you, 20% maybe to where you thought it was going. Here, it's 100%, and I think all you have to do is just tour this campus, and you can really see that." - Bailey Aalfs, Class of 1960