Paige Short, Director of Development, Beacom School of Business

Paige Short

Director of Development, Beacom School of Business


Paige Short is the Director of Development for the Beacom School of Business. She is responsible for leading an integrated approach to engage alumni and friends in advancing the mission of Beacom School of Business. Through her position, Paige has the opportunity to share her passion for USD and the positive impact of support as it specifically relates to the business school. She started her career with the USD Foundation in 2010, where she was a student fundraiser and supervisor in the annual giving phone center. She spent the next two years working for Ruffalo Noel Levitz, gaining experience and exposure to higher education and multi-channel fundraising programs across the United States. Paige rejoined the Foundation team in May. Paige earned her from USD in 2015.

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